Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The new year 2007 edition

The holidays were lovely- I even got to sleep through the New Year. I have no inclination anymore to party like it is 1999 (since it isnt and I had a great time then). Andrew and I are finally done being sick (think visit to the doctor on Christmas Eve and the day after Christmas), but my throat still hurts a little.

With some family from the North I had the opportunity to go to the Hardware Store on one of its last days- it was jumping as usual. For the most part I cooked a lot of meals, mostly comfort food- Shephards Pie (with venison), Corned Beef & Cabbage, and Chris got to use his new smoker to smoke a Turkey!! It was delicious, we are loving the new smoker (it holds a lot of meat). The great thing about the smoker is he doesnt have to add lit charcoal every thirty minutes, so he isnt chained to it the whole day.

The cookies were a big hit (we still have some, so let me know if you want any). I am still befuddled about a gift for a babysitter. We love her and she got the boys some really cute gifts so what do we get her? Money just seems like the best option to me.

First Fridays this week- be at Batteau Custom Framing (no I am not sponsoring it)- 5-10 it is right above South Street Brewery.

A sad fact, I missed the end of the Boise State game it is said to be an instant classic. I use to tell other people about these things and now I have to hear about them the next day. Oh well.

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