Wednesday, January 31, 2007

2 blocks

When I first moved here, the big joke in my family was every place was ten minutes away. My aunt and uncle really lived about 20 minutes outside of Cville, but my uncle would inevitably say the place we were going was 10 minutes away, and we believed him because where we had ventured from, it took about ten minutes to get everywhere. FYI- Crabtree Falls is not ten minutes away, nor is Blue Hole a ten minute walk (at least it didnt seem like it when I was 13).

Twenty years later, I find myself having the same problem as my uncle, places are "oh...two blocks" the courthouse, the fire department, First Settlement Title (that may be two blocks), the Post Office, even my uncle's house!

Everything is right around the corner in this City- that is what I mean- and usually traffic wont make you too late. So if I tell you two blocks, I may mean a ten minute walk.


mckora said...

Very true!

djmckeever said...

WOW JEN!! That really did dig up some long forgotten memories of my past!! Always good to take a trip down memory lane!! I also agree with you about how time and distance seem to change when you live in the country in opposition to living in a city where everything is right around the corner

Jennifer said...

Hey Dave, when are you getting your own blog? Your writing is very cool.

Anonymous said...

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