Thursday, January 11, 2007

Lindt Balls

My brother came up with Lindt Balls as a great name for those generally yummy chocolate round things that are ubiquitous.
A warning though- the peanut butter is too much. The mint is good, the raspberry is ok; the hazelnut is awesome; but the peanut butter is too much (and nothing like a Reese Cup- ok I just said that to make chocolate snobs mad). Seriously it is too peanut buttery (if you are fan, you may enjoy it) blech.


Steve Whitaker said...

Hazelnut is definitely the best of the lot, but I'll take any of them.

Anonymous said...

I must disagree!! I am a hugh fan of peanut butter and all things that can be made with it! Yup, that's right even sandwiches! There is also a "new flavor" of an old classic out there that I recently had the pleasure of sampling. I believe E.T. made the classic popular with the movie and now they've stepped up and added something new and wonderful to an already wonderful invention of goodness! Reeses pieces now come with peanuts, like M&M's but with a peanut buttery center instead of the chocolate! YUMMY!!!! Get's my stamp of approval! All who love things peanutty should grab a sample... you will be happy you did!

Karina said...

I concur, the I warn clients and friend rutinely against the "too-overmuchness" of the Peanut lindt ball.