Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Candidate Training

This weekend I spent three intense days at the Courtyard Marriot at the University learning how abnormal I am to want to run for office. Here is a photo of the class provided by Sorenson Blog.

I found the weekend exhilarating as well as exhausting. I have lots to think about now. I especially enjoyed meeting potential candidates from all over the state, Republicans and Democrats. Sadly I was told my ponytail will have to go, I think Nikki will have the answer. Also the consultants that came to teach us were from all over the spectrum- what a great concept for a candidate training program. The class without paying any attention to party distinction came to a consensus on a Code of Ethics, I will post it below.

Code of Ethics:
I believe that my campaign is a reflection of who I am and a demonstration of my personal integrity. I will treat my opponent, the public, and the media with respect. I pledge to be truthful and refrain from irrelevant personal attacks. I will conduct my campaign with civility, and I expect the same of my opponent. My campaign activities will be conducted as if the world is watching everything we do. I demand the highest level of integrity from all who represent my campaign.

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mckora said...

Still sounds exciting! Not so sure about changing your appearance...unless it is something you would do anyway.