Thursday, January 25, 2007

Men in Trees

Tonight being Thursday night, Men in Trees is on. I actually have grown fond of this rather silly show.

My issue with the show is that with All these men around in this tiny, picturesque town in Alaska, why then are 6 women fighting over three men???? These are not the world's best looking men, they are not without flaws, but not tragically flawed (a trait destined to attract many women)- so how can this be? For those who are fans, I am counting the mother and girlfriend competing over the boy who works at the inn where all these competing women live.

I love soaps as most who read this blog know, but when the name of the show is Men In Trees, I would think the drama could be more two sided (instead of the normal two women compete for one man's affections- see Jason, Sam and Liz on General Hospital).

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