Friday, January 05, 2007

For Better or For Worse

Not a post on the state of my marriage but on the comic strip. Does anyone else think Elizabeth is going to find her boyfriend cheating on her as she flies up with her ex-boyfriend to the place she used to live early? This has been a long time coming- to pave the way for Elizabeth to be with Anthony and his daughter. Predictable, yes, but interesting nonetheless.

Chris does not like this comic because it is more like a soap opera. True, but I love my soaps too (although I have weeks worth of them to watch on Media Center- thank goodness for the internet).


mckora said...

No idea. But very funny!

Jim Duncan said...

I am moderately ashamed to say that I followed this strip all throughout high school and then on and off after college. Michael and Elizabeth were both about the same age as I an my little sister ... once I stopped getting the newspaper I stopped reading it. I still do read it when in Bodo's or Greenberry's though.