Saturday, December 23, 2006


Sorenson said 'not this year' to my application. I am simply grateful for the speedy process and the opportunity to apply. For eight years I have said "not this year" so it makes sense Sorenson would say it to me this year.

The path is slightly clearer without the Sorenson commitment, but it is still blurry. I will be taking a few political leadership seminars in the meantime to make the path even more clear.

All the options I have are so exciting. For years it has been about later, and some days, now feels like later. (Wha??)


Marijean said...

Jennifer: look at it this way, you're wide open for a commitment to Leadership Charlottesville in the fall. You're going to love it.

Jennifer said...

True. Thanks for the encouraging words.

Jim Duncan said...

I didn't make it either. turns out - it was a blessing not to have been accepted. I didn't realize just how much I was going to be traveling this year until after I was turned down.