Wednesday, June 11, 2008

what I learned at Rotary

Last night's topic was somber- "The War Tapes" a documentary told from the inside out. It was shown at TED a filmmaker's honor.

Soldiers received cameras and their equipment had mounted cameras on them. I watched the trailer and the directors talk at TED. Needless to say it was very moving.

what I learned
1. itunes has the documentary for $9.95
2. positive news coverage for theses soldiers is that the soldiers helped when told not to and this is the seriously under reported story of the war. If a bombing happens outside the fence and hurt Iraqis, it is the US medics and troops responding in these crisises. they don't have to, the humanity demonstrated by these soldiers everyday far outweighs the treachery portrayed by the media.

so I will get the documentary and learn more, and find a way to make a difference. The presentation reminded me of a recurrent thought I have:

"mommy, what did you do during the war?"

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