Monday, June 30, 2008

Twitter Mini-Posts

Here are some things I have been up to lately as dictated to Twitter, since I havent been blogging as much, I thought I would provide the twitter account of what has been on my mind. So if you missed my witty blog posts, feel free to follow me on Twitter, although I make no guarantees on my wittiness.

Some from post-Beach (reverse chronological order):
choc cake and Wiiiiii.
b/c of the line at Eppies, I looked at the menu & ordered something different-pasta with pink sauce- delicious & tons of food. Yummy/so full.
Fair warning to all I hate answering the phone- b/c usually it means 10 people call while I am already on the phone.
Harold and Kumar- the original, I love having satellite- I appreciate more b/c we only get it for 3 mo a year.
I (heart) Jake Ryan...those dimples, that hair, and the eyebrows.
husband has never seen 16 candles, I wonder how many other boys havent seen movie
onto sixteen candles, classic.
love Chandlers ice cream, but they really need a sink to wash up afterwards.
fabios is fabulous.
to the weekend- pool, picnic and fun but how is it the work to do list never gets shorter? next week discovery!!
sometimes I sound more aggressive than I mean to, I gotta watch that.
off to the country store for lunch. yummy salad
Now that I have an IPOD I think it has jumped the shark- I still love it though.
:) I haven't been drivin to work, the exercise has helped my sanity.
phew glad that is over. Now onto the significant amount of other work.
sweating after riding bike to work, but at least I didnt wear my suit on the bike. Preparing for two court things today.
rode my bike back to work, something is clicking on it. Swamped with work, that is good.
beautiful day for a ...CLE? ugh.
I think I will be done for the evening, finally. Good conversation with neighbor this evening, I love it here.
I love Flickr. It is a good way to share photos without emailing them.
having most delicious salad ever from Blue Ridge Country Store. Finally a moment
walked to work today. feeling more productive at work as a result, still need to go to grocery store- no food in house after vacay.
Mellow Mushroom at 7:45- boys finally in bed, busy week ahead.
instead of cookin dinner: clean fridge, put up ceiling fan...very hungry and sweaty now.

Beach Week (6/12-6/20) Tweets:
hanging on the deck at beach
ready for a bike ride, wish I hadn't been so sick, this is only 2nd of week
I just finished the book "Eat, Pray, Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert. A good read wonder if this is a new genre of memoir?
time for another nap...second of the day
feeling slightly better, save for the sun induced itchiness.
awaiting eggs made by dboy and daddy
word girl is so much better than fox 'news'
help- Fox News is on in the room and its driving me crazy.
need more tissues...and its not from watching a sad movie
it throws me off when a client gets arrested, I know I am not meant to be a criminal defense attorney
beautiful beach day, lots of work to do
working at the beach, cant be bad right?

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