Friday, June 06, 2008

VP for Obama

I am on the Webb for VP bandwagon. Obviously, Obama should choose a running mate based on who he feels comfortable, has needed experience and will serve him loyally. During the campaign, I was absolutely, 100% against Clinton being Obama's running mate. I see her a bit more softly now. Even while criticizing her, I have been hoping she would generously and humbly concede when she in fact concedes. If she admits that Obama won this primary, it will go a long way to mending my relationship with her. I know she is real concerned about our relationship - NOT.

What I am saying is if she is willing to concede she may not be the self-serving, Rovian page book borrower that I thought in the heat of the campaign. In that event, she may not try to undermine Obama at every turn as a Vice President. If I could believe that then I believe she might make an excellent VP selection (just dont tell my dad I said that- I might get kicked out of the family).

Finally, I dont think Obama should be pressured to pick anyone, so while I support Sen. Webb, I know I dont have a vote in that decision until well after it is made.

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What did you say your name was?....LOL