Monday, June 30, 2008

Be the change...

I have been rained on twice in the past week- and I dont care a hoot. But other people really care- do you want an umbrella? are you sure you dont want a ride? Some folks think I have lost my mind walking in the rain, you should try it though, I find it delightful.

Given the primary experience of Hillary and the vocal cries of sexism in the heat of the campaign, I have been trying to be more cognizant of my own and other people's biases. It's depressing to pay attention. I have been more offended in the past week than I have been in quite awhile (and I work at not being offended).

I keep repeating the mantra of "be the change you want to be" to myself. I want politics to be about civil discourse recognizing reasonable people can disagree. Every time I turn around I am being tested- admittedly I want to rant and rail against people who are haters of the things I believe in. While that is the path of least resistance I recognize I have a greater obligation to civil discourse- I will work hard not to demonize those who disagree, but rather substantiate why I disagree. I may be snarky (sarcastic) at times, but I will try to be fair.

I want this presidential election to look different than previous ones. I despise Juvenile Court because of its ambush nature - I dont think presidential politics should be on who has the best oppositional research, it should be on legitimate policy differences.

John McCain and Barack Obama are extraordinary men, while I have a strong opinion about who should be President, its not because of a lapel pin, race, military service, or even their wives but on my opinion of the way the country should move forward. And it is that, an opinion, I expect some to disagree. Just do so respectfully and dont try to make me think my guy is bad, it wont work and you may have been misinformed.

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