Saturday, June 07, 2008

Its only a speech...

But I know how important speeches are to the American people. Today Clinton will mercifully concede. CNN is reporting that her speech will be crucial to uniting the party and moving beyond the bitterness of the primary.

When Al Gore gave his concession speech in 2000 after the Supreme Court decision in Bush v. Gore, he set the tone of reconciliation that Bush propounded during his campaign (a whole book could be devoted to how he has failed in every respect).
Mr. Gore really demonstrated his leadership abilities in the moments he made that speech and he helped the country begin to heal. Obviously what we ended up with was less than satisfactory for the majority of us who voted for Gore, but the truth of the matter is- it was no longer about him, it was about moving the country forward. Today, I hope to see a generous and sincere Clinton graciously concede so that we can move forward as Democrats and a country.


Anonymous said...

The Clinton Nomination Network (CNN) just doesn't get it. It is not Clinton's place to unite the party, but Barack Obama's. She takes her walking orders from her party's new leader: the nominee for president. She needs to make her speech today and then step aside and go silent until called upon.

Jennifer said...

I agree- good point. Obama will have to take what Clinton hands him, and make his case for the presidency to the American people.

thanks for the comment.