Sunday, June 01, 2008

New RPV Chair

Waldo's take on the Republican Party of Virginia squabble is biting. This weekends convention helped solidify the RPV intent on becoming irrelevant to a majority of Virginians and helping me elect more Democrats. Thanks.

The Virginia Republican seems to be promoting the opposite of what the Sorenson program seeks to do: promote dialogue bipartisan(ly) so that we can be pragmatic in finding solutions to Virginia's problems.


J. Tyler Ballance said...

What issues are Democrats reaching out to Republicans on today that demonstrates Democrat's willingness to achieve a bipartisan solution?

We often here about this collegial stuff when Democrats want Republicans to defect from their position, so please describe some areas where Democrats are going to be coming across the aisle on Republican causes.

How about agreeing on the right to bear arms?

That murdering babies is bad?

That the right to pray at school and allow local schools to freely discuss Christianity along with other religions, is not an endorsement of a religion?

How about strengthening the traditional family and helping divorced fathers' secure their parental rights?

How about an energy independence policy that gets us free of foreign oil by 2020?

How about a return to a MERIT based society and free us of quotas and other forms of race/gender based patronage, so performance determines success?

How about an end to political correctness and a restoration of freedom of expression and assembly?

I can agree, or meet part way on many Democratic favorite positions but there always seems to be a lack of compromise or tolerance for any of my priority topics.

Does Sorensen teach that this collegial stuff is a two way street?

Jennifer said...

I am so glad you asked. Because Virginia's problems are not about any of those questions you asked, in my opinion (but I will get to those in a minute). Bipartisanship is a two way street- I agree and Sorenson encourages the dialogue between both parties- even though we frequently vehemently disagree.

Some of the issues facing VA are:

1. Education- maintaining our competiveness and educating all of our children in facilities that are not crumbling. I learned about Christianity at school in addition to the other religions, I had a moment of silence while in public school, I have no issues with prayer, silence, general discussion of all things religion, so long as its not an endorsement of one over any.
Access to reasonable higher education, including community colleges who are always the first on the chopping block but are helping more folks than ever on their shoestring budgets.
2. Environment- protecting the agricultural resources in our Commonwealth; in addition to promoting tourism and minimizing our use of the land to the extent possible (without impacting property rights dramatically).

3. transportation- but I suspect you knew that already, alas you didnt mention it.

4. Family law- the courts in this Commonwealth are very aware and do protect father's rights in many ways- in my opinion as a family law attorney.

Protecting families by allowing medical care to be accessible to poor people and rich people alike, not allowing families to choose between medical care and food or education.

Traditional families are protected quite well in the Commonwealth, especially if the family is at least middle class or above.

5. a budget shortfall year after year and no real way to solve the problem- the budget is not full of fat by any stretch, but the revenue doesnt grow during the slow economy- but the need does.

6. Politicians who do not relate to one another anymore and like to demonize instead of get things done.

As a wise man told me recently, I will not change your mind and I will only appear foolish. I do respect your point of view and acknowledge their are reasonable people who disagree. I just dont want to stop state government as a result of those differences.

Finally- we can agree on some of the issues involving the right to bear arms, the freedom of assembly and expression and that performance-based system should be the goal and of course murdering babies is absolutely wrong.

Markus said...

Good Job! :)