Friday, June 06, 2008

New firm - so refreshing

Working in an office is so good. This week because of the heat one member of the firm whipped up a tuna salad for the rest of us so we wouldnt have to venture into the heat to get lunch. How nice. I am constantly grateful for the interaction with people, the conversation range from silly to serious and are respectful.

The last time I started at a brand new job it was 8/27/2001. Two weeks later, Sept. 11, happened and I sat aghast as the staff used racial epithets in front of me. I firmly (but carefully since I didnt know them) told them not to use that language in front of me. I ended up being the target of the staff after that episode- I was grateful to leave that awful environment. I feel pretty fortunate not to have been offended or offended anyone in the past five weeks. w00t

The firm I work with is so refreshing and a welcome change from my previous isolation.

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