Tuesday, June 17, 2008

No recycling in rentals

Sandbridge is lovely- I love Virginia so I particularly grateful to be able to vacation in such a wonderful spot. We have been coming here for a ridiculous period of time, like 18 years or something like that.

Needless to say, much recyclable material is created while we are here. When we started coming here, Sandbridge had a place to go to recycle, so every other morning or so, someone would venture over there with our glass, aluminum etc. it was not the best task, but everything is better on vacation anyway.

They closed the place to recycle, so we didnt recycle for a few years and never really understood why they closed it.

Blue trash cans came to Sandbridge awhile back and recycling came to the curb and recycling was easy.

This year, the blue trash can is here- but the recycle trucks dont take recycling from rental homes because too many people were putting trash in the blue cans.

We are at the beach- I think of the beach as the front line on environmental issues and we cant recycle at our curb? For a long time, I thought it was a pain in the a$$ to recycle, but Chris has positively influenced me and now I can say it is obvious we should be recycling. Charlottesville's system has helped too- since we pay per trash can and recycling is free, the difference between recycling and not, is dramatic.

I am sorry but I cannot bring the recycling home- its a lot and the cars are already small and loaded.

To think in problem solving mode for one minute- the blue cans look similar to the black cans- so why not make the recycle containers different? In cville, the smaller bins are for recycling and while it may not be as easy for the operator of the trash truck, I suspect the value of recycling over the long term would be greater. I am not some great mind or anything like that, but it seems like the City of Virginia Beach or the rental companies or the solid waste disposal companies could bring recycling to vacationers, making all of us better citizens as a result.


mckora said...

In SATX the city issues - separate trash and Recycle containers. All recycling goes in the container and out on Monday.

Jennifer said...

oh and now you are an expert on SATX? Its like a week? j/k that is good to know. I wonder what other places do.

mckora said...

Believe me, on trash issues one goes from "babe in the woods" to near expert in a short time. The penalties for not learning are severe. Sherry said the City trash phone call was by far the easiest. We've already disposed of one large container of regular trash. Monday's recycle will be muchly anticipated.

Kelly said...

That's great that you recycle even on vacation :) I think that must be true, that some renters just fill up the recycling bin with trash...ugh, making them take away the option. I really like how whole foods has their recycling set up. I know everywhere in town doesn't have the room for 5 recycling bins but it shows you how to recycle everything. Little stores can still make the effort too though, even as far as the person next to me in line yesterday at the Country Store got a Styrofoam container and I felt the need to tell him that it was probably the least recyclable. They give you 5 choices for containers, why even let people pick the Styrofoam? I still love the Country Store but they could just stop offering styrofoam to help people recycle! It's like we need a constant reminder so that we'll get better at it.

Jennifer said...

Kelly I love the recycleable options at the country store- why wouldnt everyone use that option? I agree no need to offer a choice (although those biodegradeable boxes can be flimsy, but I am not complaining).