Tuesday, March 18, 2008

More "Friends"

As a result of our initial Sorenson program last week, I now have at least 15 more friends on my facebook profile. I am so proud. Still I havent broken one hundred. I think it is ok since I am in my mid-30s.

So many things are interesting about the PLP (political leaders program)(which I still think of as PLI (political leadership institute)- I am now dating myself).
I know why people dont blog too much about their Sorenson experience, its Vegas, so what happens at Sorenson, stays in Sorenson. This helps with the comfort and trust level a lot. But I am allowed to blog about my own impressions and feelings on the happenings.

Yet, I am unwilling to describe it in public, it feels too personal to describe my own impressions/experiences. Weird. People ask and I say "it was great", alum tell me "it will get even better," and I cant imagine how that is possible.

Dont take all of this to mean I am entirely comfortable with everything, in fact the best part may be I am stretching my comfort zone in many ways (socially, politically and otherwise). I feel fortunate to be in the program- and the great, good, bad and discomfort that may follow.

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