Sunday, March 02, 2008

mobile posting from FL

My birthday is this month (26th). In my world, birthdays are a month long celebration, so I got myself a new TREO 755. It was a superfluous purchase, the 650 served me fine, but these 755s looked cool.
Now I know what I was missing. Even though still doesn't work with TREOs things are soo much better on the 755. First the speed is 10x faster, I can view videos from youtube and other video sites. Also there is sprintmobile tv with cnn mobile channel and others programmed in. I love it.
I also apppreciate how many websites have mobile websites to accommadate the small acreens and slower speeds.
Well I haven't gotten to the florida part yet, guess I will post again about that. In the meantime if you are coveting these phones, you should be, try to get yourself one and we can IM each other.

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