Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Governors, Hillary and Britney

Bill Bolling is not running for Governor. I am shaken a bit by this news. Chris tells me his theory is that the new Republican strategy is to nominate someone quickly then let the Democratic infighting destroy any chance of the Dem nominee to win. Evil Genius.

I particularly appreciated the quote by a Brian Moran staffer in the Post (?) perhaps Progress article "Jesse Ferguson, communications director for Moran, said the nomination contest with Deeds appears likely to be settled in a statewide party primary in June of next year. “Virginians for Brian Moran has 10 full-time staff,” as though that somehow makes Moran a viable candidate. To have ten staffers for 14 months is wasting the campaign's resources early, this is a long primary fight (June 2009 is the vote), staff gets tired, loses momentum and worse ... insular thinking. But heck that is just my theory and I am Senator Creigh Deeds supporter so take it what you will. Also I strongly urge Delegate Moran to drop out and run for Attorney General or LT Governor. I admit I have no great influence over anyone.

I say these things only as an individual, the Party in the City has no position on either of these candidates and will work equally strongly to elect either one of these fine candidates.

Other topics of interest- Hillary over exaggerates her role in these foreign policy issues. She will not be able to beat McCain on that issue period. The post said today she is trying to convince superdelegates she is more 'experienced' yes, in manipulation and lying, not really in public policy- if you are a superdelegate, dont buy it.

It was great to see Britney Spears on "How I Met Your Mother" last night. She did a good job, certainly not awful. IMO the best part is she looked healthy. As you know I worry about her, mostly for her children's sake. I am glad she is under care that is likely not to harm her any more.

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