Monday, March 03, 2008

I-95 boring

My first trip to Florida and I still haven't gone to Disney World. I really don't mind because I don't know what I am missing.

FL is fun, we went to Vero Beach which is 4 hours from the GA border. How do I know that? I am part of families that drive. We left at 8:00PM on Thursday, stopped in Durham and switched to a larger vehicle and picked up two others. We arrived in Vero Beach around noon on Friday. We ate lunch and hit the beach. The temperture in VA was 30 degrees when we left, FL was 79 degrees.
We got some sun as we napped on the beach and the boys played/revelled in the sand. There is nothing like an early summer after days&days of mid-thirty gray days.
We stayed at a place with no coffee-maker-wtf? No I didn't mind, I would just go out for a walk and find a coffee shop. Apparently Sat mornings are not the happening times on main st in vero beach. I searched and walked for awhile before entering a cute diner named Tomkats (ode to the Cruise family?dunno). They served a huge togo coffee in styrofoam cup and I had to charge the coffee-seriously who carries cash? We pay our bill every month.
We went to pocahantas park which has a great race car I want Cville to get.
Florida inspired me to be outside, I can't wait for Spring to hit VA.
The house we stayed at had a porch, windows and screens with a ceiling fan, the boys slept out there, and I (gasp) got to read out there.
Now its Monday, we left FL at 5:15AM. We are almost to Durham. With 2 preschoolers we stop a lot...but no potty accidents so far.
I didn't eat any dessert- except on Sunday and that was the first time in 3 weeks (choc pudding pie yummy). Our hosts were generous, lots of sweets all over the house and I restrained myself. I have lost 5 LBs since Lent began. It is still hard work (I've never been on a cartrip without candy and now I am nearing the end of this one :) ) but it has been worth it.
Back to the real world tomorrow- I will definitely try to find my way back to FL soon, something about the ocean in Feb makes my heart sing.

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I guess that new Treo is pretty cool!