Thursday, January 10, 2013

One post

I told JenontheEdge I would start blogging again this week. Here I am. It has been almost four years since I regularly blogged. I had high hopes of blogging once I started on policy making boards, but the time just slipped away and I have virtually no blogging to show for it.  I do, however, have another child, a successful campaign for office and plenty of experience to share from the past years.

I have now been on the School Board for a year. It is a true privilege, one I do not take lightly. I have learned a tremendous amount and I expect to learn much more in the coming years. To the extent that the public is or should be interested in a topic, I may blog about my school board experience.

Additionally, I will blog about my transition from a working mother to stay at home mom. Clearly, a SAHM is a working mother, so I hate to use the phraseology, alas it is a short-hand that resonates.  Chris and I did some calculations and cut our budget dramatically, so that I could stay home with Ryan, our two year old and be home when our older boys get home from school.  It has been 3 weeks since I left my last position, but this is the first week Ryan and I are by ourselves and not super busy with holidays and illness.

I will blog about city politics. I will post about local/state/federal political things to the extent I have an opinion that is comprehensible. I am still a lawyer, even if I am not practicing, so I will blog about the law occasionally (including this news coming from the VA S. Ct today which combines my favorite things: the law and local government).

Tonight is 2013's first school board meeting.  The presumptive incoming chair is trying to adjourn the meeting by 7:30, ostensibly three hours earlier than our last three meetings. I am not sure putting time limits on these meetings is a good idea, particularly when we only have one meeting a month, but I look forward to trying it.


mckora said...

Glad to have you back blogging!!!

Jen on the Edge said...

The blogosphere feels complete again. Welcome back.

Jim Duncan said...

Welcome back! Looking forward to reading.

P said...

I too look forward to reading your blog. I have missed it.