Monday, January 28, 2013

More delays for schools

I know there are people out there who when they look out their window this morning see a very slick road surface and ice falling from the sky. This is not the case at our house. Our car has some melting ice on it, otherwise the road surface is wet and the precipitation is rain.
Schools are on delay (again) and Ryan's first little gymnastics class is cancelled because of the delay. Since the kids have returned to school from winter break, there has been no rhythm. We are out of sorts in the mornings and the evenings. I cant imagine the efforts that teachers have to make in order to keep the rhythm in the classrooms when weather has been so disruptive.

Even more important than our little routine are the parents who really cant adjust their schedules at the last minute. This Albemarle County program where children come for the day (if the schools are closed for more than one day in a row) is a good start to what we can do to support working parents. ACAC has a similar fee based program on snow days for years. ACAC also offers the program (Kids Day Off) when area children are scheduled off. Check ACAC's website for additional information.

I do not know about similar programs in the City of Charlottesville. I think it is important for the community to support parents who work on those unplanned days off. I have had generous friends or family who are willing to take the children for a few hours so I can "get some work done" (which I rationalize is better than not getting any work done). Some folks in our community do not have the social network to allow them to get to work. Some parents do not have choices on snow days/delays- get fired or leave their child home-these are not reasonable options. I will continue to work to see if the City can provide other, more reasonable, choices for parents. I welcome suggestions and comments on the topic. jennifer @ jennifermckeever (dot) com

I have been grateful for a little bit of winter in our winter. I hope we can get accurate forecasts, pretreatment of the road, and get children to school and parents to work.

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