Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Fundraising season

There are two times of year, the fundraising emails/events and phone calls are heaviest.

 I love the Charlottesville events. A few of my favorite fundraising events are:
1. The Grace Tinsley Fundraiser (in January, provides scholarships for Charlottesville graduates);
2. African American Teaching Fellows Dinner (usually in October to increase the number of minority teachers in the Charlottesville-Albemarle area),\;
3. Charlottesville Community Scholarship Program (in the Fall, the program offers scholarships for area students to attend college);
4. The NAACP dinner (in the Fall, the event has a heavy emphasis on education, honoring teachers and local students);
5. The Emily Couric Leadership Luncheon (late Spring, provides scholarships for area women); and
6. Local Democratic committee fundraisers (Albemarle county has its BBQ in September and Charlottesville has its pasta supper in the Spring, April in 2013).

I am privileged to attend some of these events every year. This year I may not be able to attend many of these, but I hope you will consider supporting these great organiations.  Please check your calendar (and wallet) and try to make some of them.

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