Friday, January 11, 2013

School Board Recap, sort of

It was a record breaking night at the School Board meeting last night. We adjourned before 7:30. Actually it may be more surprising we stayed as late as we did given the relatively light agenda.

The agenda included two awesome educational highlights.  The first was a performance by the XXL Minds in Motion team from Walker. The children performed beautifully in the limited space available in the media center. The second was a presentation on 4th grade electives at Venable. I love the elective program at Venable since it uses local volunteers (including, among others, US Attorney, Tim Heaphy) and teachers to enhance the curriculum through project based learning.  Thank you to all of those parents, teachers, principals and students who presented at the meeting.

Every Thursday at Burnley Moran Elementary School a "communication folder" is sent home with the students. The folder usually consists of the latest tests, PTO news, organization flyers, and news from the administration. I was happy to see a letter from the Acting Math Coordinator, Jenine Daly, in the folder this week. On the back of the page is a framework for students to consider math problems. At the last school board meeting, the administration demonstrated the fairly labor intensive way of grading math problems. One of the presenters mentioned that she used the framework to ask her child deeper questions. I thought it would be helpful for all parents to have the opportunity to ask similarly deeper questions. With the framework now in my hands, my boys better be prepared to think more deeply about what and why they are doing.

Congratulations to our new chair, Juandiego Wade and vice-chair, Amy Laufer. Also, I want to thank Ned Michie for his leadership over the past year.


Sean Tubbs said...

I have used this update to update cvillepedia's entry on the school board!

Jennifer said...

Great! Thanks.