Thursday, August 07, 2008

RTD Experience

I participated in the Richmond Times Dispatch round-table discussion on the potential first ladies. A fellow blogger participated as well, he blogged about it, his feelings really sum up my experience as well, except vice versa. I found a few more conservatives than just him in the group, but Obama supporters were in force.

As you all may know, I am proud that both presidential candidates married such strong, smart and committed women. Thankfully I am never provocative so I am sure the transcripts/article wont quote me at all...oh wait, that is someone else. I forget to stay quiet and not talk, and then I have the problem of playing devil's advocate (I dont think Cindy McCain thinks she is better than us, only that her stern demeanor could be perceived by someone who doesnt think twice about her).

I really enjoyed meeting the Contemporary Conservative. I wish we would have an in person blogger round-up, it really helps to see people and recognize humanity, when in the blogosphere that can be lost.

So check out the transcripts and article in Sunday's Richmond Times Dispatch.


Jody L. Wilcox said...

... but in a good way!! :)I enjoyed meeting you as well and concur that the subject really did drive the conversation and the debate would have been more vigorous if the topic was something else....but I do have a feeling that most of us are in a place where we can debate an issue on its merits and not fall into the mud and name calling so prevalent in today's societal discourse. I think we would have an intersting time debating a whole host of issues effecting the U.S. and the world and let the chips fall where they fall. CYA around and keep up the good "attorney-mommy" work!

EAA said...


I read your comments in the RTD.

I miss you and the others from legal aid. Keep up all the good things you are doing.

I now live in Mecklenburg County, a pretty area but to many Bush/Goode people here.

Alan Anstine