Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Most Influential People in the 'ville

So cVillain has been named best local blog by Cville Weekly(promotion does help- and I mean that in a good, snarky way).

They have a new post up to discuss the most influential people in Charlottesville, its a fascinating discussion. GO and make your comment NOW (or when you have a minute).

I named my two favorite LOC friends Becky Reid and Holly Hatcher- for full disclosure purposes!


Sean Tubbs said...

I wasn't as pleased with the discussion. As much as I like cVillain I don't comment there because I prefer to speak under my own name, and like to be in a place where others do the same.

I also think it's a silly frame to try to come up with three influential people. This community is too healthy for that.

Jennifer said...

Sean, thanks for your comments. I agree that the comments on cVillain are superfluous and dumb on many occasions. Agreed that this community has a significant foundation of influential people, including you and Amy. I usually cant follow the conversation and seems entirely made for insiders. But I appreciate the attempt at a sardonic view of Charlottesville.

Thanks a lot for providing that audio of the Perriello/Goode forum so promptly. You rock! More pie for everyone.