Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Standing Outside the Polls

If I was getting paid for this it would be "Blogging the Polls", sadly I am not, so instead I am wet, cold and tired. Back at the ranch though, I am hopeful the tea will cool off slightly so I can drink it and regroup to eventually complete some work.

The polls are hopping. When I voted over a thousand folks had been through Recreation precinct. Democrats need an excellent showing in the Rec precinct (in addition to the others) since it is the largest in the City. The turnout is a happy surprise for me.

Standing outside- lots of people were asking about questions 2 & 3 on the ballot. I voted yes and no. Yes on 2 because the amendment seeks to bring VA law in line with Federal law to allow churches to incorporate. No on 3 because no one explained it to me in a coherent way so I always vote not to make an amendment to the Constitution unless there is a good reason. Needless to say I voted no on 1- I hope all reasonable people do.

I am still cold. I was standing out there reminding other folks standing out there about an upcoming Democratic event. One person said they would not be there because it is all old people. I am getting older, but I certainly do not qualify as old so I was slightly wrinkled by that silly comment. When I told her about the benefits of said event she was quick to dismiss them as ridiculous or beside the point. I suppose this person typified the view in my mind of someone who would complain about the Democratic Party not being open to outsiders, while not actually making an effort to be active with those people, thus I was riled. I have done a lot in my fairly brief time back in the 'ville. I have priorities and try to attend things I enjoy. Thankfully, I enjoy meeting all sorts of people (even, horrors...older people) and I have been rewarded with acceptance in most things I do as a result. While there are great things for young democrats to be a part of (left of center & jfk club) it is helpful to talk to the established folks in town to truly gain an understanding of the community. As with most things, the more you put in, the more you get out.


cjb said...

Hi this is your Aunt Cathy I'm definetly "old" I loveyour Blog spot.I can picture you waiting to vote etc...I'll vote for YOU when are you running? By the way how do you like the outcome? I see hope for the first time in a long time.

Jennifer said...

Thank you for your comments! Since I started my own practice, talk of running is slightly premature- thanks for the confidence though! Hope is a good way of putting it. Virginia! My vote counted for the first time in ages.