Monday, November 27, 2006

Let the parties begin...

Just as I was recovering from Thanksgiving, we have three parties to go to this weekend, and one the following weekend. Do not take this as some depiction of our popularity- really. Because all the parties are with a different group of people, I can wear the same dress, aahh to find the perfect dress. I am tired already- even after sleeping a good portion of the weekend away. Thank goodness for our babysitter.


Marijean said...

Are you DRESS SHOPPING without me?

The horror.

Let me know if you're having any luck.

Jennifer said...

I was going to link to your post on shopping but I am lazy. But I have a great fear as a result of your post, so I havent gone yet(but Old Navy does not have any holiday dresses). Next stop-Target- I will need all the luck I can get.