Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Bakery Paradise

This morning I happened to have breakfast with a friend rather by chance. She told me about Baker's Palette. I had seen it before but had not been able to get there. Turns out they serve a limited breakfast & lunch menu in addition to all of the delicious baked goods they have. This afternoon, I decided to bring some pastries as gift for the hostess of the Thanksgiving festivities I am attending. (Since we are staying overnight, it will be good for breakfast).

Baker's Palette is in a great complex on Garrett street right across the tracks. Check it out.

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Karina said...

It's the Gleason building; we need to negotiate some free pastries if they get business out of this.

May I recommend the buffalo chicken wrap, I suspect there may be an addictive additive in the sauce because I find myself down there three or four days a week ordering this darn wrap for lunch. (The sandwiches are made with love…)