Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Recreation Precinct, thoughts

I am proud of my precinct, we had a good turnout of 2293 voters out of 4100 or so registered voters. The City had over 11,000 voters, this is a great number for a non-presidential year. Of those, 77% (mas o menos) voted for Webb, Weed and against the despicable so-called marriage amendment. Charlottesville may be an echo chamber of left wing politics, but it is reassuring to see folks stepping up to be counted on what is clearly an important vote.

I am grateful the Bush administration has opted to hold SOMEONE accountable, for an administration who demands so much accountability from political enemies, it was truly remarkable how they never looked inward. I am glad too that it did not happen prior to the election, or else the American people may not have held Congress accountable (just guessing, clearly anything could have happened).

My favorite saying right now is "As Virginia goes, so goes the Senate"

I also want to thank all the volunteers, people taking time out of their very full lives to canvass, make calls, distribute literature at the polls or otherwise contribute (financially too). My first election as co-chair would not have been so successful without those volunteers. Thank you.

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mckora said...

Yes, and I'd like to thank the people of Virginia for getting rid of George Allen. Congratulations! Great job.