Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Blogging Kinship

Marijean and I met this afternoon for a delicious lunch on the downtown mall. She looked fabulous- dont believe her vacation weight story! We are organizing a cvilleblogs gathering the last Saturday in September (9/30 UVA is out of town that weekend, Foxfield is probably the Sunday prior, although the Vegetarian & Apple Festivals are that weekend- but we can take some time to meet).

We are accepting nominations for venues- bring us your best picks for a lovely fall Saturday in Charlottesville- think relaxing and conducive to discussion (preference may be given for a spot serving alcohol).

Us cville bloggers are a community, I appreciate the opportunity to spill my ideas onto the screen & the respect those ideas are usually received and debated. Moreover, I thank those who let me glimpse into their world and provide me an opportunity to contemplate on their thoughts.

I am feeling effusively grateful this evening. First, lunch with Marijean this afternoon, then I was inducted this evening into the Charlottesville Rotary Club. I am honored to be involved in such a civic minded organization. The speaker tonight was the Treasurer of Art in Place. Art in Place's website has a message board for comments. The speaker was really engaging and funny. I am a big fan (especially of the cyclist on McIntire) and after hearing him speak, a much bigger fan. Check out their website.


Patience_Crabstick said...

That would be fun. I really hope I'm not working that weekend.

Waldo Jaquith said...

Wonderful. I'll be there. Thanks for putting it together.

FWIW, it'd be helpful to hold it at a place with a low barrier to entry. While a BBQ in somebody's back yard might be lovely, I think there would be some people who may feel kind of weirded out at the prospect of showing up at somebody's house.

Jennifer said...

You make a good point. We are thinking of a vineyard close to town, but we could really use some suggestions.

StLmom said...

What about First Colony? Or do we want to stick to near downtown?

Jennifer said...

I have no idea where that is, I will check it out online (if possible). I dont think we need to be tied to any location. We will talk more.

Anonymous said...

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