Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Meeting Overload

The City Council agenda looked ambitious, lots of reports including school board election committee, parks feasibility report, one transit thing and transportation was near the last item, but included about four different items, never mind the public comment period. I arrived home around 11:40 last night from that meeting.

I am glad I went though. Ostensibly as a member of the CDBG Task Force, I always like to attend meetings where the Task Force (TF) is on the agenda. The TF had met to discuss priorities for its upcoming RFP cycle since it was time for Council to establish those priorities again. But I also went knowing the Parks department was presenting its report on the facilities feasibility study. Finally, I wanted to thank the Parks & Rec department for keeping the pools open later last week during the sweltering heat.

I really have four or five blog entries possible as a result of my attendance at this meeting. We shall see whether the posts actually get written. Thankfully, the next meeting isnt until September 5th, so I could report on all the goings on in the next month. Happily, I am honored to report, I was appointed to the Parks and Rec Advisory Board. A whole other blog entry will be on how great it is to serve on committees/boards/commissions.

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