Thursday, August 17, 2006

Alleged bomb plotter 'not guilty'

The Hook has the news first, one of the 13 year old boys was found not guilty in the bombing plot. I am glad the parents of that child had the resources to move forward with this appeal.

From the VA Courts website on JDR: Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Courts differ from other courts in their duty to protect the confidentiality and privacy of juveniles coming before the court, and in their commitment to rehabilitate those who come before the court, in addition to protecting the public and holding juvenile offenders accountable for their actions. The welfare of the juvenile and the family, the saftey (sic) of the community, and the protection of the rights of victims are the highest concern in the court's proceedings. In other respects, juvenile courts generally have the same requirements and provide the same safeguards as other courts. This court does not, however, conduct jury trials. All cases are heard by a judge

As one can tell from this description, JDR is a different place. One may contend a criminal conviction in JDR may be more about securing a child services for possible rehabilitation than actual guilt beyond a reasonable doubt based on evidence. Further, JDR & other courts not of record (General District Court) are to limit the number of cases heading to the more expensive courts of record and provide access to pro se litigants to the justice system. It is a unique system where a litigant can have two bites of the apple, but thankfully this child had that protection.

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