Thursday, July 27, 2006

Tour de Toona

Chris raced in Altoona, PA at the Tour de Toona (really!) this weekend. For the amateurs it is a three day stage race, for the professionals it is an impressive 7 stage race. This is the 20th year of this very big race with what appears to be at least 30 teams starting in the pro category. Chris did fairly well, espcially in the road racing category, but more importantly he had an opportunity to shmooze with the pros and their entourages (mechanics, managers etc.) We are especially rooting for the Navigators through the rest of the season, which thankfully isnt that much longer.

Chris has now started ten races this season as a Cat. 4. Next are the Centuries; Blue Ridge Extreme is near the end of August & we will take part as a family in the Smoky Mountain Wheelmen's Century (ok we ride the 25 mile ride, Chris hauls the children in the trailer so he can keep up with me) in October. Between now and then... who knows what races/rides will appear, already one popped up in Richmond for next Sunday.


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