Thursday, July 13, 2006

$2.00 an hour to park downtown

Outrageous. How can people afford to park downtown? Why would you want to go to a movie downtown when you can go to the other theaters in town and park for free? I think the restaurants are doing ok but what about the shops selling books or beads? Those stores cant afford to give out validation for parking. What about the vendors? They rely on people who take a walk after their meals but have no real destination in mind (except for food maybe) but if you are rushing to get back to your car so you dont get charged another $2 then what?

I am all for a free market and certainly the parking garages have the right to charge whatever they can get for their spaces. What concerns me is at the same time the City seems to be limiting the number of free or reduces spaces driving people to the garages and/or driving people out of downtown.

Fortunately, I can walk or ride my bike.

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