Thursday, June 01, 2006

Treo ME!

So with the firm up and running, I think 'I need more technology.' So I research, the price tags are enormous so even I research, instead of impulse buying. I would go visit the PDA/phones, Phil would try to sell it to me.

What I learned- lots of people who have Blackberrys received them through work for free and dont pay the bill. I have not met a person yet who despises their product, no matter what the product is, sure the haters are out there on the internet, but in real life everyone loves them.

Weeks pass, Greg says I should get a Blackberry. I agree with him, although I am skeptical about the document editing. So I get a Treo 650. Yeah!!!

A couple of things- because I am ineligible for an upgrade on my phone, & I am in a long term contract, I cant just port my phone number to the new Treo and begin using that as my phone. I dont mind carrying around a phone and treo, but is that really necessary? It seems like it should be easier. I am using Sprint (soon to be Embarq- I have been spending a lot of time on hold with them so I have the company line down pat).

I found it near impossible to compare products and service plans for a number of reasons among them my own failing as a person (is $5 a month that important? I know it is but combined with the headache of coverage area, voice package, ugh it is a headache). I have to submit a rebate to get $100 back, and I pay $40 a month for data package that I will be able to write off as a business expense.

Now if only we could make health insurance this affordable.

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Jeff Cornejo said...

Treo! Fun, I love mine.