Thursday, June 15, 2006


Not the bakery (although I did get David's birthday cake at the bakery and it was beautiful, with a sketch of a cyclist on it because David wanted a 'bicycle cake', and of course delicious).

The ice cream shop. Waldo told me someone blogs about La Taza practically everyday. Blogging about the cool coffee shop seems to have subsided. As I sat eating ice cream last night outside the trailer that is Chandlers I wondered why more people dont blog about it.

I will presume people want to keep it a secret.

The small is all you really need, David and Andrew split a small, Chris still had to finish it because they had enough. So many different kinds of people come to this little soft serve place. We had a great conversation with two older couples who just had dinner downtown. They loved watching as David and Andrew ran around the picnic tables and stopped for bites of the melting ice cream. The dipped ice cream is good but melts even faster than the normal cones (on hot days that can be pretty quick). The hot fudge and whipped cream are so delicious- especially the whipped cream. Try a sundae if you enjoy them. I find the servings enormous, the prices are not cheap but reasonable.

My ode to the ice cream shoppe is over.


Waldo Jaquith said...

I think the days of frantic La Taza blogging have passed. It was a season-long fad, I guess.

Perhaps you've started something new. At first I thought you were saying how much you love Chandlers the bakery, which really sucks. But the ice cream store? Never heard of it. Where can I find it?

Jennifer said...

I could tell you but then...

I will tell you at the blog summit (another reason for people to come).

Stormy said...

I can't make the summit, can you tell me where Chandler's is at Horse & Buggy pickup tonight?

Jennifer said...

Stormy- I dont go to the Horse & Buggy, my share is Best of What's Around. I will give you a hint however. If you find the tractor supply store in Cville, you will find the ice cream store.