Friday, June 16, 2006

Leave Britany Spears Alone or...

does she deserve the media beating she gets? I would not do well if I lived under a microscope, but I dont necessarily seek attention. Another blog post can delve into the relative pros and cons of blogging as a way to get attention.

BUT she takes the cake when she considers Namibia as a place to have her next child. Does the girl have an original thought? Can you imagine the conversation that led to that thought?
"Kev, honey remember the hoopla surrounding baby's birth?" (no, there really wasnt a media circus)
"Um, no honey, remember I was out with the guys that day?"
"oh right" sad faced Brit thinks 'maybe if I have the baby in Africa, Kevin will actually be around for the birth & I will be afforded all the prestige of Brad and Angela'
"Kev what do you think about having a baby in Africa like Brangelina?" (you know she uses the nicknames too).
"Whatever you want dear, I will be on tour maybe I can schedule a show there?"
Rolls eyes, pops gum and smiles to herself for her evil genius.

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