Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Spring Makeover?

I won! How exciting. Put your business card in the fishbowl at Origins and you too can win a free spring makeover. I think if you walk in and ask for a makeover they will likely give you one too. I wanted new makeup since it had been a long time since I bought makeup so what the heck? Dont put your card in if you dont want to win.

I usually use Clinique products for makeup- no reason except one day about two years ago (that long already?), I went to Clinque's counter and the counterperson (probably called something fancy like technician) put makeup on me and it looked nice. Since I know what looked nice, I continued on in that same vein.

Origins ,for all I know, probably owns Clinique. The cosmetic industry is full of companies that compete but are owned by the same parent company (usually Este Lauder).

So I bought lots of makeup and discovered more great products made by Origins.I already am addicted to "A Perfect World" skin guardian which I love and recommend because it smells nice. The person who did the makeup for me was really charming in a good way. I was surprised to receive such great service there.

A fun book "Dont Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me". The author goes through every product line and argues the relative merit/demerit of the products based on her knowledge of the ingredients.

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