Thursday, June 22, 2006

Good News for Vino

UCI has given 'Astana - Würth Team' a pro tour license so the team can participate in the Tour de France (begins July 1!).

I want cycling to be serious about removing dopers from the sport, but I dont like the idea of collective punishment against riders who have trained their whole lives for a chance to compete in the Tour. Astana-Wurth has some real competitors in this year's Tour including Jaksche & Vinokourov (Beloki? Highly unlikely but one never knows). The team is riding well- they had great results in the Tour de Suisse.

From Cycling News: "The Astaná-Würth 'long team' for the Tour is therefore: Carlos Barredo, Assan Bazayev, Joseba Beloki, Alberto Contador, Allan Davis, Jorge Jaksche, Andrey Kashechkin, Isidro Nozal, Sergio Paulinho, Aitor Osa, Luis León Sánchez and Alexander Vinokourov."

Of course, for my money I am rooting for Ivan Basso, Jan Ullrich and Levi (I am not going to spell his name). There are other names I will be looking out for, but Floyd Landis is NOT one of them.

On CYCLISM Sunday, OLN will be looking to name the next King of the Tour and in only one month and one day we will know (7/23/06- last day of the Tour).

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