Tuesday, June 27, 2006

My first political fundraiser

I hope it comes as no surprise to anyone reading that I support Al Weed for Congress in Virginia's Fifth District. I am volunteering with the campaign.
This morning I attended my first political fundraiser. Al was his usual charming self and articulated his position on the war and subsequent occupation of Iraq eloquently.

In most every war in the 20th century, the Weed family had someone fighting in battle. Al's father volunteered for action in World War I & II. Al himself was in the military for 42 years and now Al's son has served in the current Iraq War as a surgeon. The family has deep roots in the military and service to this country. I am humbled by his family's commitment to this country.

What should a newcomer expect at a fundraiser? One should not expect to eat like a king, but the food should be tasty. I met some new people, which everyone knows I appreciate and I learned something new(colloborative law, General Assembly happenings etc.). Obviously I wont be able to go to lots of these, but I am glad I attended my first one, I definitely feel part of the process, in a good way.

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