Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Workouts and cookies

So I am still exercising three times a week, I am about a 1/2 mile behind in the ten miler training, but I am extremely grateful to be doing what I am doing.

With that, I will now list all the yummy cookies I have made this Christmas season!
These first three I got from Washington Post Food section last week (12/14), two pages devoted to Christmas cookies!
Ginger Chews I doubled the recipe and made them small- really delicious.
Laura Bush's Cowboy cookies I have to respect a woman who makes this delicious cookie.

No fail fudge- the first time I made them, I failed, but the second batch turned out well.
Peanut Butter Cookies- all the non-chocolate cookies are for Chris
Oatmeal Scotchies
Rolled Molasses Cookies- except for this one, I had a special request for these (very easy to accommodate the request).
Chocolate Chip Cookies with Pecans- YUMMY.

I have also made a fair share of pumpkin bread (with and without chocolate chips)
So far I have mailed or given them to relatives in TN and FL, Grandma, colleagues of Chris and brought some to the meeting last night. I still have neighbors, US Post person, and my own colleagues. I want to have some for Christmas on New Year's Eve too (so much family, so little time).

My children have really helped to keep my Christmas spirit up, I have been known (shock) to get morose this time of year, but the children are so excited that its contagious.
Favorite quote so far "wheresd weindeer mommy?" (not a spelling error) I never quite know what to say to that, but thanks to all those who have reindeers lit up on their front lawns, he loves them. Every morning when David wakes up, he plugs in the Christmas tree lights, when he goes to grandma's he immediately wants to turn their lights on. When he understands the concept of presents in the future, he will be jumping out of his skin for Christmas. My cup runneth over.

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