Saturday, December 03, 2005

Confessions from last place

So Ten Miler training is going well, in five weeks now I have only missed one run :) I am proud. Alas, I have not been able to get to the group runs on Saturday morning for a variety of reasons (thanks dem Breakfast) but I did run. This week I bought a new pair of running shoes, clunky but not too clunky. I pronate 'severely' the sleepy sales clerk told me. I love when I am special, even if it is for pronating.

Sales clerk had Comm school projects due this week so she couldnt imagine when she would be sleeping again. School is so awesome. I miss it, mostly because when I was in school, I didnt have to pay off these stupid education loans. Apparently I am supposed to be grateful for the education even as a I write checks close to four figures every month to organizations who raise the interest rate two years in a row. Thank goodness I am not bitter. Seriously though I love school.

Today was a two mile run. 20% to ten miles. I was reminded how small this town was when I met a woman who knew Danielle- she is fine for those wondering. She is moving next week, so far we have not been asked to help move. The woman was very nice she waited up for me so I didnt finish a lonely last. I decided even if I did I would accept it with dignity. It is motivational to read other cville runners blogs- they are in shape and love exercising. Scott, ok I cant find the other persons blog, but she runs 10 miles regularly. I look forward to habitually exercising. So far it is still a struggle, perhaps if I exercised more I would like it. I always feel great post-run. WE shall see. I have some great new music for the Iriver to exercise to. Plus the blog permits some accountability.

Today I am volunteering at the Paramount. Paramount is hosting all sorts of local schools to present holiday (Christmas?) shows. Any excuse I have to get downtown makes me happy.

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