Friday, December 16, 2005

Apprentice ending Recap

I did not watch this season's episodes; three times now I watched enough of the end to know how was fired. I watched last season and enjoyed it, but I just dont have the time to watch it anymore. The first episode I caught the last five minutes of four people were fired (a massacre), the next two people. Then last night, Don hires Randall, a star by anyone's calculation. So Randall is celebrating. Rebecca is respectfully clapping and is pleased for Randall; Don had called her "outstanding" and really up against any other winners she probably would have won (I didnt watch all the seasons or this one, she seemed impressive including 12 weeks of a broken ankle and using crutches in a 13 week season and still making it to the end). SO Don says,
"hey Randall...(compliments Rebecca a lot) if you were me, would you hire Rebecca?"
Randall says "the show is called the Apprentice, not Apprentici so there should only be one"

Not sure why Randall wants this job he already runs a company where he earns more than 250,000 a year.

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