Tuesday, December 13, 2005

update-about time

Sadly the show at the Paramount on Saturday night did not live up to my expectations. I had hoped for Christmas/holiday/recognizable music, unfortunately that was not the case. I did appreciate the one jam between a cellist and a violinist. The musician called it bluegrass with a cello; pretty cool. Tonight it is a Christmas Carol. Terri Allard is playing on Friday night. The Paramount is fun, I recommend seeing a show or two there, it is even good if my expectations are not met. I DO wish they would do something about the stage; make it more interesting when musicians are playing. But what do I know?

The ten miler training has been railroaded- I feel injuries coming on; depressing really. I am still exercising, but taking it a lot slower, walking that is. I got up super early this AM to walk and it felt good.
I am considering adding a ride on my bike on the trainer in addition to my outdoor workouts. I love my new bike (thanks Extreme Sports- although not as grandiose of a bike as Craig just got) but I find it extremely difficult to get on it with the two boys and the cold weather- maybe in the Spring.

The fire department had a holiday (Christmas?) party for the volunteers on Sunday. A good time was had by all including the boys who were seen running and laughing throughout the restaurant. Volunteer firefighters and rescue folks GIVE a lot of time, it was nice to have some recognition of the families for their efforts.

To all those POOR law students who are studying soo hard for their exams- good luck, study hard and for goodness sake pick up a commercial outline and study with a group, you dont have to do it all yourself. First year, first semester exams are the worst, it gets a lot easier, although still very intense. At least Christmas is around the corner.

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