Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Waldo's Influence

Waldo wants more Charlottesville bloggers, so here I am. I have big plans, lots of thoughts as well as hectic life. I will try to post regularly since I know how annoying it is otherwise. I am not the most detail oriented person so no grammer comments, substantive issues are welcome and appreciated.
Today I went to Montessori Community School on Pantops to observe. Observation is the first step to applying. It is so beautiful up there. My mother lived in the brick house in the mid-80s, wow things are different. The development isnt too ugly up there, although the landscape looks jarred from the intrusion. The school is a real haven from the harried goings on below. It is nice having a coffee shop on this area. I believe a CarMax and another car dealership may go up around that area. That may be what puts the development into non-useful mode. Why do we need another car dealership in Charlottesville?
I look forward to the dialogues that blogs create. Thank you to Waldo and this great community.


Crusher said...

Lots of folks seem to be pulling their children out of the Pantops Montessori School due to lack of children's supervision, lack of classroom assisstants, uncertified teacher(s), and regressed rather than progressed students. You've been informed now.

Anonymous said...

For more on this, visit

Concerned Montessori Community School Parent said...
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Concerned Montessori Community School Parent said...

The Concerned MCS Parents Website is here.

Or George Loper's blog here.

Also read The Hook's article on MCS here.

Anonymous said...