Sunday, October 30, 2005

Film Festival Part II

Last night I had the good fortune to usher at the Paramount for two of the Festival's movies. The first one was "Nine Lives" directed by Rodrigo Garcia. A discussion followed the movie, the discussion featured Sissy Spacek, Kathy Baker, Garcia, and two producers. The movie is not amusing, but the discussion afterwards was a lot of fun.
The second movie was Ice Harvest directed by Harold Ramis. I had the opportunity to leave when the show began, but the first scene shows John Cusack and Billy Bob Thorton. Oliver Platt is also in the movie. The movie was introduced by Ramis so I knew it was a comedy. As I mentioned to a few others I rarely watch anything serious nowadays.
The movie is dark (think Bad Santa but worse). I enjoyed it mostly because I am easily entertained and loved the actors in it. Not a Christmas movie you want to bring anyone high with Christmas spirit- unless you get a kick out of such things. There are some great laughs in it. The movie comes out around Thanksgiving.

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