Thursday, October 27, 2005

Torture and Politics

Torture is not just sitting in traffic, law school exams, custody cases or insomnia. Seriously torture is degrading, cruel, illegal and horrific- all to gain information. Information that is suspect at best. Why does this administration want to condone such barbaric acts? There are standards of behavior, I want the United States to be a model not the dregs.
I want to protect our soldiers from potential abuses on the battlefield. The example the Bush administration is setting does not bode well for those soldiers who may be captured in war. Apparently there is a distinction in the current debate about the acts of the CIA and the military's. UM...I dont think our enemies will make that distinction. See below for articles and columns on the lastest dustup.

NY Times article reviewing the history and current state of negotiations with respect to the exemption Cheney wants for the CIA to essentially use torture for 'certain' detainees. From the article:
"The Senate defied a presidential veto threat nearly three weeks ago and approved, 90 to 9, an amendment to a $440 billion military spending bill that would ban the use of "cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment" of any detainee held by the United States government. This could bar some techniques that the C.I.A. has used in some interrogations overseas."
Here is hoping that the majority prevails in this situation. The 90-9 is even a override majority- wouldnt that be great?

Richard Cohen has an column today about his trip with McCain to Vietnam where he (McCain) went to the spot where he was tortured by the enemy during the war. The column talks about the many soldiers who support McCain's stance.

WP Editorial yesterday
NYTimes Editorial

I thought I should get a fair and balanced approach so check out this Fox news blurb.The Fox news clip begs the question- why do Alaskan voters continue to vote for Ted Stevens? The man is mad.


Sean Tubbs said...

NPR had a special report today called the Death of an Iraqi Prisoner which is worth listening to if you have the time.

Jennifer said...

I heard part of that report on a quick trip I made. Wasnt it extremely well done? I was fascinated, repulsed and horrified. Thanks for the heads up.

justme said...

Our enemies want to cut all our heads off......torture or no torture they want to cut our heads off....when only one side fights fair it's not a fair fight.....