Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thanksgiving- part II the Thanks

The boys were so good tonight- McDonalds and a Curious George movie- I got to make a pie, various dips and cranberry relish. Let me tell you the relish rocks. I put walnuts and oranges in it.
I told the boys at prayer time that in the morning they will have to write or draw three things they are grateful for (and that I would help them and do it myself). David said "but I dont know how to draw food, mommy and daddy"- isnt that sweet?
Grandma Sherry will be home on Friday from her deployment to Germany- I am so thankful it is soon.
The machine that picks up the leaves picked up our leaves- which is good for the parking situation on the street.
A fellow firefighter is going to help Chris butcher the rest of the venison so it is currently not in my fridge and when it comes back, we can eat it and put in the fridge (did I mention he is hunting bright and early on Friday? Buck only day-how do I know this?).
KT is coming for Thanksgiving! OK not really- she is coming bright and early on Friday, but it is always good to see her and she can help with leftovers!
Pauline plays with my boys like a kid- it is so great for them. I know how often I am not playing with them (cooking, working, email etc) so I find her patience and spirit gratifying, the boys are so blessed (and so am I).
BRUUUUUUUCE is coming to town- MY TOWN. That is friggin awesome.
How is it one can feel so grateful and so lonely at the same time? Holidays are all about ambivalence.

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