Sunday, November 18, 2007

Christmas Music 2007

I heard Christmas music on the radio on my way down to Botetourt County on November 16. It wasnt as though I heard one song either, the whole station had gone holiday tunes. While I thought pre-Halloween Christmas decorating in the stores was unbelievable, this music thing may even top that. When is a normal time to start decorating for Christmas (as a family) and when is it ok for radio stations to go all holiday tunes? I mean how much Christmas music do we need?


Anonymous said...

jennifer what station was it that you heard the xmas music on? now that it is after thanksgiving i would love to start listening to xmas tunes. my fsmily will hate it but i like it!
thanks, jen

Jennifer said...

I would try 95.1 for round the clock holiday music, I think they usually do it. Enjoy!