Saturday, November 10, 2007

Police Searching for Vehicle in Suspicious Death

In my bloglines feeder- which I love- I get RSS updates from the City of Charlottesville. This morning's was disconcerting. A suspicious death on St. Clair Street in the Martha Jefferson neighborhood- a 26 year old woman had been shot. Police are looking for her car. Below see the test of the press release and dont forget to subscribe to the City's RSS feed for updates on city happenings.

CONTACT PERSON: Detective James Mooney/ Sgt. Marc Brake


"CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA - On 11-09-07 at approximately 14:46 hrs the Charlottesville Police Department responded to 807 St. Clair Avenue for a report of a suspicious death. Upon arrival police found the victim Jayne Warren McGowan, a 26 year old University of Virginia graduate dead in her living room. The victim was apparently shot and died as a result of the gunshot wound. Police are currently looking for the victim’s vehicle which apparently was taken from the residence. The vehicle is a Nissan Sentra, with Virginia license AED-2522 and is gold in color. If you see this vehicle, do not approach the occupants who should be considered armed and dangerous and call 911 immediately. Anyone with information about this case should call Detective Mooney or crime stoppers at 977-4000. Any media related questions contact Sgt. Brake at 970-3970."


Josh said...

Hi! Where did you find the RSS feed from Either they hid it well, or I haven't had enough coffee yet...

Anonymous said...

Jennifer -- I know a LOT of people in my neighborhood are anxious and frightened. Do you get the sense that the city or the police are doing anything to alleviate our fears or to reassure us that they're working on this, that they're increasing their presence in this neighborhood, etc.? Any sense of how we could move on this, collectively? Thanks.

Jennifer said...

Those are good questions Josh and Anon.
Josh- I have no idea, perhaps I just used the bloglines feeder to put it into my feeder. I will ask Ric at the City though, he should know.
With respect to Anon's question I am glad to know people are talking about it.
I do not know anything about the motives of the police, perhaps we will know more after the press conference this afternoon.
How does a community overcome this? I keep thinking of my friends who live even closer than me. I am already hyper about keeping my door locked and watching things but what more can we do? I am going to find out, see if we can get some sort of dialogue started to keep the community in the loop and help us all to be proactive.

Anonymous said...

Yes, right now the only dialogue appears to be on the Hook's blog, where I'm learning that there's been more crime locally than I even knew about. This really worries me. We need to have some kind of town meeting or something, do you think?

Jennifer said...

Thankfully the police have arrested some men in the case. I suspect we will learn more in the coming weeks. The police did a good job investigating the case and getting an arrest so quickly in a case where the community was on edge. What to do now? How can you know if the house you are renting used to be a drug den? Or the number of break-ins on your street- the arrest is step one-completed thankfully- the next step ... information.